About me

Spanish lessons tailored to your needs!

Hello my name is Suzy Berry.  I am a Hispanic Studies graduate from the University of Glasgow and have lived in Barcelona and Madrid for two years.  I travel to Spain almost every year and have just come back from a month tour of Mexico and Costa Rica. I have worked with several tuition companies and offer personal Spanish and English tuition for people of any age or ability level.  I specify in helping students through high school exams and improving prelim grades.  That said at the current moment I am teaching beginner and intermediate classes to over 50s at the LEAP center in Hamilton and would love to take on more community center work.

I currently work via zoom and teach at my home in Pollok and can also travel out to meet students around Glasgow as well provided they are within a 30 minute drive from me.

I teach Eden Energy Medicine to people in workshops and private sessions to boost their overall health and improve their mental state and ring about emotional balance. I have a youtube channel to promote that work and in it I have two videos where you can hear me speaking Spanish and learn a daily routine to boost your health.  

Follow along with this one to help you let go of phobias 


Here I am teaching Donna Eden’s Energy routine in Spanish so you can get used to my voice and follow along with the actions and let me know how you feel.



Spanish tuition in the south side of Glasgow